I am Dr Rajendra Maurya aka Dr. Raj and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission:

I would like to share few things about myself and my journey so far to make you know who am I.

I am an Ex-Air Warrior, Entrepreneur,  Author, Philanthropist, Altruistic, Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach, Founder of Grand Life Valley, Founder and CEO at Maurya Infotech Services (http://mauryainfotech.in),   Founder and President at Care for Mankind,  (NGO) (http://careformankind.org),  Gandhi Peace Ambassador International at Gandhi Peace Foundation (Nepal),  Fitness Enthusiast, Travel Explorer, Tech Savvy and Epicurean.

I was born in one of village of UP. Financial condition of my family was not so good at that time. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather once he got retired from a government job. In the later age of his life my grandpa had become saint and became a preacher. He was very knowledgeable person. Despite having just only elementary schooling, grandpa has learnt many life lessons and he used to teach me these lessons whenever I used to be with him. He was a great person with lot of kindness and generosity and he always believed in helping other people by whatever means he could. His teaching had a great impact on my life and I also believe in helping people and contributing towards making the society a better place.

I got chance to serve in Indian Air Force and took voluntarily retirement in 2011 and started my own business in electronics and communication with company name as Maurya Infotech Services. starting a business was not a cup of tea for me initially but later I could make it better.  IAF life has played a great role  to shape up my life to become a better person and citizen. My grandpa teaching also  kept me reminding to help others with my knowledge and experience as much as I can. My life so far has been a fantastic life and I have also worked a lot on myself to improve happiness, fulfillment and abundance in my life by educating myself through informal education and at this time I can proudly say that I am one of the happiest person in this world  with fulfillment and abundance. So I decided to impart my knowledge to people of the world to help them to transform their life as  I did. So I prepared a course named as Re-design yourself, which is one of best life transformational program in this earth and it has proven to work if a person wants to change his/her own life to be better one.

Now i have a mission to help 100 thousand people to change their life from present to a better  and re-design it as they an think of. So I would feel honred if you also get into Re-Design Yourself program and be a part of Grand Life Valley community.

wish you all the best for your upcoming bright future.


+91  8130644447


New Delhi, India

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